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Saint Hugh of Grenoble

Saint Hugh of Grenoble

Saint Hugh was born in 1052 in France. He grew up to be tall and handsome, gentle and courteous. Although he always wanted to live for God as a monk, he was given important positions instead. He was ordained a priest and then a bishop.

As bishop, Hugh began at once to correct the sinful customs of some people in his diocese. He made wise plans, but that was not all he did. To draw God’s mercy upon his people, Saint Hugh prayed with his whole heart. He practiced hard penances. In a short time, many became very virtuous and pious. Only some of the nobility continued to oppose him.

Bishop Hugh still thought about the life of a monk. That’s what he truly wanted. He resigned as bishop of Grenoble and entered a monastery. At last, he was at peace. Yet it was not God’s will for Hugh to be a monk. After a year, the pope commanded him to go back to Grenoble again. St. Hugh obeyed. He knew it was more important to please God than to please himself.

For forty years, the bishop was sick nearly all the time. He had severe headaches and stomach problems. Yet he forced himself to keep working. He loved his people and there was much to do for them. He suffered from trials and temptations, too. But he prayed and never gave in to sin.

Saint Hugh died on April 1, 1132, two months before his eightieth birthday. He had been a generous and saintly bishop for fifty-two years. In 1134, just two years after his death, Hugh was proclaimed a saint by Pope Innocent II.

Sometimes we think we know what is best for us. Sometimes we feel more comfortable doing one thing rather than another. But if God lets us know what he has in mind, we will be glad if we follow his will. We can ask Saint Hugh to help us.




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